Our school library has a large collection of fiction and non-fiction books available for check out. It has over 5000 books in it. The Teachers often give students an opportunity to pursue and choose books of their interest level. The library provides students with a well-stocked and exciting centre for independent work and learning. The library is divided into four corners – one each for Primary, Middle School, Senior School and Staff for their reference study work. Students are encouraged to develop the habit of silent reading and also browsing through the whole range of library resources. There is ample choice in dictionaries and encyclopaedias.
Other than academic subjects, we have books on Health, Education, Sports and Games and Religion. There is also sizable collection of biographies, so that students can draw inspiration from great lives.
Magazines are subscribed weekly. Newspaper such as The Times of India, The Tripura Observer and local newspaper like The Dainak Sambad are read enthusiastically by the students.